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Pro Mobile Auto Detailing is a full-service solution for the exotic and collector car community throughout Orange County, Los Angeles and the US. Mike Tawekjian is renowned by car enthusiast who demands the best in the business. His mastery and uncompromising high standards have made him legendary within the industry of auto detailing.

Mike’s passion for the art of fine car detailing is reflected in the impeccable finish of each and every car and boat he treats. From high-performance automobiles to yachts in Orange County and Los Angeles, Mike demonstrates daily why his quality workmanship and service are unrivalled. 

Meet Mike Tawekjian - Expert Auto Detailer

Meet Mike Tawekjian - Expert Auto Detailer

Pro Mobile Auto Detailing Founder

Mike Tawekjian is an artist when it comes to detailing vehicles. Each vehicle he details, he approaches as a unique piece of art. Mike Tawekjian is renowned by car enthusiasts who demand the best in the business. His mastery and uncompromising high standards have made him legendary such as da Vinci and other famous artists alike.

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Clients throughout Orange County and Los Angeles have enjoyed Mike’s unwavering commitment to the highest level of excellence.

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Foam Bath Treatments

Every Detail service begins with a luxury foam bath, designed to remove dirt and grit without adding any swirl marks to the paintwork.

First Mike applies a citrus degreaser to the lower half of the vehicle, paying special attention to areas like wheels, arches and door jams, where grease and grit can gather unseen. A gentle rinse is carried out using deionized water and then he applies a snow foam, rinses and then performs a full wash, using his specially formulated pH neutral shampoo and a natural sea sponge, which is softer than synthetic sponges and wash mitts.

Once everything is washed and rinsed, the car is dried using ultra soft towels and a frictionless air blower.

Paint Decontamination

The paintwork of your car can become contaminated by a number of harmful substances, such as road tar, iron filings from railway lines, acid rain, tree sap and bird droppings. Iron filings, in particular, can be very damaging if allowed to rust into the paintwork. It’s important to remove all contaminants before carrying out any paintwork correction or polishing.

Mike uses special products and very subtle techniques to carry out this work, including ‘clay barring’ for removing finer impurities and overspray (excess paint from a previous body repair). These treatments will restore the paintwork to a smooth, clean finish, ready to take any correction, protection and finishing treatments as specified within your chosen service.

Paint Correction

Once the vehicle receives a luxury car wash, it is brought into the studio where Mike examines the paintwork under 8,000 watts of lighting. Here you can see paint defects that you wouldn’t be able to pinpoint under natural sunlight. Mike encourages clients to come and inspect their car with him under studio conditions and discuss the best treatments to suit your car and budget.

The treatment begins with a test section to ascertain which machines, polishes, compounds and pads will achieve the best result, before carrying out the same process to the entire car.

Paint Protection

Until you’ve seen the effect of Gtechniq glass coating, you won’t believe its aesthetic and protective properties. Glass coating (also known as ceramic or nano coating) applies a hard, thick coat that adds an intense depth to the paintwork and helps to protect it against the more aggressive elements, such as bird droppings, tar, road grime and iron filings. Depending on how and where you use your car, Gtechniq glass coating can endure for up to five years or more. It also has self cleaning properties, so when it rains, the car washes itself.

You can also specify wax coating protection, which lasts for six months to a year, takes about an hour to apply by hand and provides beautiful depth to the finish and good protection against lighter contaminants and rain.

What Others Say About Our Mobile Auto Detailing Los Angeles

We aim to over-perform with tremendous effort on all of our detailing work.

Mark Kern

AMG 65, Lotus Exige

5 Star Auto Detailing

“We signed up for Mike’s VIP program to detail and care for our cars every month and have nothing but great things to say. Mike never seems to make a mistake or miss a spot, and we count on him to keep our AMG 65 and Lotus Exige spotless and in pristine condition. You can’t go wrong with Mike. In an industry where it is so easy to find the wrong person, I have no hesitation recommending Mike to work your vehicle. He does such a great job.”

Concourso Italiano

Audi R8

5 Star Auto Detailing

“Mike made my car look BETTER than new, light lenses, tires, wheels and all. He certainly puts meaning into the word “SHOWTIME” And his array of tools is amazing. I asked if his equipment was new? NOT… He cleans his tools as if they were an ENZO. He uses a special halogen light that is brighter than the sun too. He brought his own tarp/canopy, as he did the job in front of my house. I really don’t think a better job could have been done. Thank-you Mike!”

Ted P

Nissan GTR

5 Star Auto Detailing

“Mike at Pro Mobile Auto Detail has been taking care of my Nissan GT-R since I first bought it and his commitment to quality shows every time he handles the car. Most recently he did a paint correction procedure for me to take care of a few scratches and wear & tear. It was amazing to see the scratches and surface defects removed (some I thought wouldn’t be fixable without a repaint). The changes were visible under both ambient and intense lighting conditions and I can’t ask for anything more. Highly recommended!”



5 Star Auto Detailing

“Mike from Pro Mobile did an absolutely fantastic job on my BMW M6. My car is black and had quite a lot of swirls, so Mike suggested that the Vintage glaze would be the most appropriate on my car. The result exceeded my expectations, all the swirls were gone and the car looks amazing. I highly recommend these guys; Mike is honest, meticulous and extremely hard-working (he worked on my car from 9am to 7pm). I’ve had quite a few detailers work on my car and I can say with great confidence that Mike is truly one of the best.”

Professional Auto Detailing Treatments Served In Los Angeles

Developed through dedication and experience.

GTECHNIQ® Accredited

Smart surface science authorized for master detailing quality. Using products that have unachievable levels of gloss, durability, scratch and chemical resistance.

Crystal Serum

Paint Correction

This Paint Correction detail works in a superior way to ensure that your vehicle is polished and safely cleansed of swirl marks, scratches and other noticeable imperfections.

Paint Correction Los Angeles

Auto Detailing

Mobile auto detailing in Los Angeles works in a superior way to ensure that your vehicle is polished & safely cleansed of swirl marks, scratches and other noticeable imperfections.

Mobile Auto Detailing

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