Are you an exotic dealership looking to leave a flawless impression on your clients?

A new experience, for you.

We are offering an auto detailing experience to new exotic vehicle buyers.

With our new referral incentive, 20% commissions will be paid out on all detailing services provided by you as a reference.

Why Smart Exotic Car Dealers Are Joining Our VIP Referral Incentive…

Special protection upholding the integrity of the vehicle’s bodywork, keeping a showroom look & feel.

Impress your client’s peers with a detailed appearance, potentially turning them into an exotic vehicle buyer.

A professional detailing service which will pay a 20% commission as gratitude for the referral.

Make your client fall in love with their vehicle all over again with our highly experienced detailing work.

* Upon client’s agreement of detailing service an assurance of a referral fee of 20% will be allocated to the dealer(s) when performance is complete and fully paid by the client for services rendered to us (Pro Mobile Auto Detailing)

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