All treatments and applications are personally undertaken by Mike Tawekjian, founder and owner of Miracle Detail. His experience, knowledge and understanding of vehicle detailing form the basis of his obsession to offer clients a unique service.

As a master detailer, Mike’s work is hailed as the pinnacle of professional car care. Please contact Mike personally for full details on Miracle Treatments and Applications, to discuss your requirements and to Registering your car can speed up this process.

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Please note: Auto Detailing enhances paintwork, but paint correction repairs it.

Ask Mike about his paint correction services if your car’s paintwork suffers from swirl marks, scratches or other imperfections. After all, there is no point bringing a mirror-deep shine to an imperfect surface.

Tips On Protecting Your Vehicles Paint

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How Washing Your Car Could Be Damaging It

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Pro Mobile Auto Detail Press Release

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AJ Iredale
AJ Iredale
20:55 24 Jun 17
Mike took really good care of my client over in L.A. she was over the moon with the paint correction on her Mercedes. Thank you Mike, I will always recommend you for future detailing & cleaning.
Katelyn Julia
Katelyn Julia
03:44 19 Jul 16
We had a bit of a mix up when I got my car back and they went above and beyond to compensate which I really, really appreciated. Regarding the cleaning - I got the interior cleaning and they did a great job. There were some spots that I went and fixed up after, but that's just me being meticulous.
Ronie Roise
Ronie Roise
09:35 05 Jul 14
Pro Mobile Auto Detailing is the best mobile car detailing in los angeles. They made my Audy a new one. They did detailing with care as their own car. Awesome work!!!
Jimmy Carter
Jimmy Carter
08:34 30 May 14
Greatest Car wash in Los Angeles, very effective, friendly and professional oriented. The detail work is perfect, and the service is all the time with a smile. I have been to several different car wash places and have never been happy. There is always somewhat that doesn’t get washed. But I have not ever had this issue at Pro Mobile car detailing Los Angeles , they make you feel comfortable and I am in and out on my lunch break. Effort it out you will not be dissatisfied.
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