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GTECHNIQ® Crystal Serum

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GTECHNIQ® Crystal Serum

GTECHNIQ® Crystal Serum

Source: GTECHNIQ® – Crystal Serum Coating
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Why GTECNIQ Crystal Serum?

Crystal Serum is the market-leading ceramic composite coating – the best paint protection available.

Because of the strong chemical bond the coating forms with a car’s paintwork, Crystal Serum can only be applied by a trained detailing professional in the Gtechniq accredited detailer network.

Should Crystal Serum be applied incorrectly a car will need flat sanding to remove the coating.

What does GTECNIQ Crystal Serum do?

Crystal Serum is an unbeaten paint protection product. It provides ceramic protection with previously unachievable levels of gloss, durability, scratch and chemical resistance.

The composite structure offers ultimate safeguard, plus the same slick finish and candy-like gloss as the very best carnauba waxes.

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Do You Require GTECHNIQ® Crystal Serum Coating?

Improved Swirl Resistance & Reduces Surface Hazing

With a 9h top and softer 7h base layer (based on the pencil hardness test), GTechniq Crystal Serum offers improved swirl resistance over regular 9h coatings.

It forms a thick combined film which greatly reduces surface hazing and improves gloss.

Resistant To Chemicals Through PH2 To PH13

When your car is cleaned, even the harshest wash chemicals will not dull your gloss, as Crystal Serum is resistant to chemicals from pH2 to pH13.

And on top of that, contaminants like bird droppings are easy to remove and will not harm a car’s clear coat.

UV Protection & Extreme Heat Resistance

Alongside chemicals, it is also unaffected by extreme heat changes, from -40 to +250 degrees Celsius and having Crystal Serum Coating also offers exceptional UV protection which prevents premature dulling. For the definitive hydrophobic finish, it can be overcoated with Gtechniq EXO – this is known as a CS Black treatment.
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We aim to over-perform with tremendous effort on all of our auto detailing work.
  • I have no hesitation recommending Mike to work your vehicle
    “We signed up for Mike’s VIP program to detail and care for our cars every month and have nothing but great things to say. Mike never seems to make a mistake or miss a spot, and we count on him to keep our AMG 65 and Lotus Exige spotless and in pristine condition. You can’t go wrong with Mike. In an industry where it is so easy to find the wrong person, I have no hesitation recommending Mike to work your vehicle. He does such a great job.”
    Mark Kern, AMG 65, Lotus Exige
    Paint Correction in Orange County, Los Angeles
  • Mike is well equipped and is capable of cleaning anything prestige on the road!
    “Mike made my car look BETTER than new, light lenses, tires, wheels and all. He certainly puts meaning into the word “SHOWTIME” And his array of tools is amazing. I asked if his equipment was new? NOT… He cleans his tools as if they were an ENZO. He uses a special halogen light that is brighter than the sun too. He brought his own tarp/canopy, as he did the job in front of my house. I really don’t think a better job could have been done. Thank-you Mike!”
    Concourso Italiano, Audi R8
    Paint Correction in Los Angeles, Pebble Beach
  • The ONLY man I will use to take care of my vehicles, thank you for your pro help Mike!
    “Mike at Pro Mobile Auto Detail has been taking care of my Nissan GT-R since I first bought it and his commitment to quality shows every time he handles the car. Most recently he did a paint correction procedure for me to take care of a few scratches and wear & tear. It was amazing to see the scratches and surface defects removed (some I thought wouldn’t be fixable without a repaint). The changes were visible under both ambient and intense lighting conditions and I can’t ask for anything more. Highly recommended!”
    Tep P, Nissan GTR
    Car Detailing in Los Angeles, Riverside
  • I can say with great confidence that Mike is truly one of the best.
    “Mike from Pro Mobile did an absolutely fantastic job on my BMW M6. My car is black and had quite a lot of swirls, so Mike suggested that the Vintage glaze would be the most appropriate on my car. The result exceeded all of my expectations, all the swirls were gone and the car looks amazing. I highly recommend these guys; Mike is honest, meticulous and extremely hard working (worked on my car from 9am to 7pm). I’ve had a few detailers work on my car and I can say with great confidence that Mike is truly one of the best.”
    Tommy, BMW M6
    Mobile Auto Detailing in Los Angeles, Pasadena

GTECHNIQ® Crystal Serum Detailing

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