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June 26, 2021

Pro Mobile Auto Detailing Press Release

Pro Mobile Auto Detailing offers premium car detailing and care service with skillfully applied groundbreaking nanotechnology-developed product that keeps cars and boats cleaner, safer and shinier
Demanding car owners and collectors can rely on nanotechnology-based specialized service to keep their vehicles shining.

Orange County – Car collectors, exotic and luxury car owners, and demanding proprietors can rely on a ground-breaking service that gives them the peace of mind that only a superior vehicle detailing and care service can bring them.

Pro Mobile Auto Detailing, an Orange County-based company owned and operated by Mike Tawekjian, has been building a solid reputation for the special blend of art, science and technique that it brings to car and boat coating and care. “I use two key ingredients for offering car and boat owners an unparalleled vehicle conservation experience”, stated Mike Tawekjian, the internationally acclaimed car detailing expert.

“One of them is a ground-breaking nanotechnology-developed coating product, called Ceramic Coating which uses molecular ceramic compounds to protect several types of surfaces, namely the paint, glass, alloy, fabric, leather, plastic and rubber that are found on cars. The other ingredient is my extensive experience in exotic and luxurious car care and detailing, which is has a special mix of art and technique to it”, explained Pro Mobile Auto Detailing’s founder.

Tawekjian’s reputation for his detail-oriented and perfectionist detailing and paint correction service for cars and vehicles of all kinds, has yielded him not only a nationwide list of clients who entrust him with their vehicles, but also high net-worth foreign customers, who only trust him for the level of specialized care that their extraordinary vehicles need.

“I offer a truly premium nano-ceramic coating service, that means clean, safe and shining cars, motorcycles, and ultimately stands for customer satisfaction”, the OC-based entrepreneur added.

Grounded on the passionate and knowledgeable hands of its owner, Pro Mobile Auto Detail is known for its 13-year track record of approaching each vehicle as a piece of art, reflecting in the impeccable finish of each and every vehicle that is treated.

The company also offers an extra layer of trust and safety to its clients, by being fully bonded and insured for 2 Million Dollars – which, when dealing with a classic, ultra-luxury and high-performance exotic cars, is something that vehicle owners find reassuring.

From $299, car owners can enjoy a 3 stage paint restoration, window, headlight and taillight polishing to remove imperfections and restore clarity, exterior chrome and/or aluminum polishing, exterior plastics conditioning, interior carpet and floor steam mat cleaning, steam cleaning of seats where applicable, UV protection of all interior components to protect against sun damage.

Higher price ranges involve more extensive and even more in-depth car detailing and care experiences that clients can choose from.

Tawekjian also highlights that “by keeping up on the regular maintenance of their vehicles, smart and discerning owners will save costly repainting and restoration later”, which is one of the many reasons why Pro Mobile Auto Detailing claims that its services are such a good investment.

Ceramic coating, one of the special formulas that the company uses, is a nano-ceramic shield and paint protector for cars and other vehicles that have been successfully tested against Water, dirt, gravel, and also against coffee spills and other inside accidents that would otherwise stain a car seat.

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