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June 25, 2021

The Ultimate Shine Requires Good Car Polishing

Car Polishing - The Ultimate Shine Requirements

Pro Mobile Auto Detail Los Angeles - Car Polishing LA - Advice On Keeping Your Vehicle Shining Like New

The ultimate shine requires polishing, in some form, to your paint. No wax in the world will improve the appearance of a painted surface as well as one level of polishing.

Car Polishing is a process where an extremely fine layer of clear coat is removed using specific machines. These polishes flatten the surface of the paint to permanently remove those pesky fine swirls and scratches in your paint. The annoying imperfections that appear when looking at the paint in direct sunlight or a halogen light source. Those are usually most visible on darker colored cars.

A properly car polishing routine on the paint surface will result in show-car levels of shine, depth of reflectivity, and gloss. Once your vehicle’s paint has been prepped for polishing through a thorough wash and clay barring treatment.

Pro Mobile Auto Detail can focus on car polishing to remove fine scratches, swirls, oxidation, and water spots from the paint to perfect the appearance of your vehicle.

Car polishing requires a process that is very similar to sanding a block of wood. On a typical block of wood, the surface is slightly uneven. A swirled paint surface is also uneven because the swirls themselves are actually indentations in the clear coat, resulting in a bumpy, uneven surface. This uneven surface prohibits perfect optical clarity and reflectivity. Since the millions of edges produced by the uneven surfaces in the clear coat throw off the light in many different directions, resulting in a distorted reflection.

Proper car polishing is similar to sanding a block of wood in multiple steps.

The steps range from aggressive to fine and are used to restore the flatness of the surface. After sanding the block of wood the surface is extremely smooth and even. After polishing your paint, the surface is extremely smooth and even. An extremely smooth and even surface will result in light reflections bouncing off in one direction. When light bounces off in one direction, you get perfect optical clarity and deep, an accurate reflectivity of the paint surface.

Car Polishing most paint surfaces requires at least a two-step process, the defect-removing step, and the finishing step. Many import vehicles have softer clear coats. This makes them easier to remove defects, requiring less aggressive methods to perfect. Many European car manufacturers, especially Mercedes Benz and Ferrari, have added ceramic particles into their clear coats to make them scratch-resistant. These ceramic clear coats require very specific polishes to effectively correct these extremely hard surfaces. Luckily, Pro Mobile Auto Detail in Los Angeles has the right polishes for these vehicles.

How Detail Shops Improperly Polish Your Car

As mentioned, most car detail shops cannot take the necessary amount of time required to properly care for your vehicle. Especially the car polishing and detailing process. They will go ahead and use an aggressive compound (a cutting liquid designed to flatten a painted surface quickly). Alongside an aggressive wool pad at dangerously high speeds on a very powerful rotary buffer. Doing it the wrong way can easily remove the clear coat of your vehicles paint in seconds in the wrong hands. Machine buffing requires experience and patience, or mishaps can easily occur.

Going back to the sanding wood metaphor, you always start with an aggressive sandpaper to level the surface quickly. After this step, you ALWAYS follow with a finer, less aggressive sandpaper to refine the smoothness of the wood. Then, you use an even finer sandpaper to create a perfectly smooth surface. This is Pro Mobile Auto Detail’s process when car polishing or doing paint correction services.

Unfortunately, most car detail shops will skip the crucial refining steps. This results in a surface that's not perfectly even, which will leave a new set of swirls in the paint. INSTEAD, after the compounding steps using dangerously high speeds on the rotary buffer, the detailing shop will GLAZE the paint. A glaze is an oil-rich liquid that will temporarily hide and fill-in most of the defects in your paint, especially swirls and fine scratches. After a few rain showers, the glaze will rinse away, resulting in a painted surface that looks worse than it was prior to the detail.

My new or slightly used car is in great condition. Does my paint need to be polished?

Yes, even new cars that are close to 100% defect free can benefit from a very fine polishing of the paint surface. After prepping the paint for polishing, a fine machine polish will burnish the paint like a diamond to microscopically refine the surface to an extreme flatness. This results in the most optical clarity and reflectivity. Polishing the paint with a fine polish will significantly improve the gloss and wet-look of a painted surface. This would even be before any wax has been applied to the paint surface! For the fanatical car enthusiast, performing the ultra-fine polishing step multiple times will result in a finish that is truly “show” worthy. With each and every pass of our ultra-fine polishing process, the finish will get wetter, and the reflections will get deeper.

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