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Pro Mobile Auto Detail has always brought the very highest quality auto detailing and personal service to customers in Los Angeles and Orange County for over 8 years. Operated exclusively by Mike Tawekjian, a well known detailing name among auto aficionados and an official sponsor of Mike now travels both nationally and internationally for the most discriminating clients. His superior level of care and professional service has made him the first choice for discerning car owners. He specializes in dark colors and he’ll deliver the best swirl-free mirror finish in Southern California and beyond… guaranteed!

In addition to our regular detail services, Mike offers classic and exotic car owners the next level of care with top of the line products. He brings his years of experience detailing the top rare and exotic vehicles in Southern California in the carefully and adept application of specially formulated products that are quite simply unparalleled in their quality and protection. The all-natural product formulations used are the result of years of experimentation and the singular pursuit of the ultimate protection and shine for your premium vehicle.

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