V.I.P Service Plans

For clients who wish to keep their vehicle in pristine condition and ensure an extended life for the paint and interior, we offer our VIP Service.

The VIP Service represents the finest in auto care while remaining cost effective. This special package protects your investment with the highest quality products specially designed to create a barrier between the harsh environmental elements of Southern California such as UV rays and micro-pollutants that cause your paint to fade and oxidize. The interior and engine are given the same premium level of service on a continuous basis so you can be confident your car will remain in better than showroom condition.

You’ll also receive our Premium Fabric Protection, an odorless and colorless barrier that surrounds your carpets and seat fibres so a food spill cannot absorb into the fibres and stain. This service will also keep your interior cleaner longer and make routine vacuuming easier. If your vehicle has leather seats we will also condition the hides with a pH balanced leather conditioner to keep your seats soft and supple, last longer and make them easier to clean.

Our VIP Service begins with our Concourse Detail Package at a 20% discount. Our VIP service is also offered on a weekly/monthly basis, please speak with Mike Tawekjian for more details.

After your car is brought up to the Pro Mobile Detail Platinum Standard, you will then receive the following benefits at a monthly rate of only $299 (a 20% savings off the normal value):

Available Packages

Bi-Weekly Premium Gloss Wash

Exterior Scratch-Free Wash, Cleaned Wheels, Tires Shined, Windows Inside & Out, Wipe Down Dash/Seats/Door Panels/Center Console & Holders, Vacuum Seats, Carpets & Floor Mats. Wash package plus sprayed on gloss enhancing carnauba spray.

Monthly Mini VIP Detail
Pro Paint Care Process
(bring depths and clarity to the paint, combined with an additional step for shine enhancement)

  • Wheels polished
  • Degreasing tires and wheel wells
  • Shine tires and wheels
  • Door panels, dash board, center console, headliner, cup holders, and seats are cleaned with a non-toxic cleaner
  • Interior carpet and floor mat steam cleaning
  • Steam cleaning of seats
  • Fabric Protection for carpets and upholstery
  • Cleaning and conditioning of leather seats and interior components
  • Window polishing
  • (removes imperfections and restores clarity)
  • Headlight and taillight polishing to restore clarity
  • Exterior chrome and/or aluminum polishing
  • Exterior plastics conditioning
  • Engine detail and conditioning
  • Bug, Decal, Fall Out, Oxidation, Paint Over-spray, Railroad Dust, Swirl, Tar, Tree Sap and Water Spot Removal
  • UV protection of all interior components to protect against sun damage

It is our pleasure to provide the VIP services at the location and time of your choice (Southern California locations). As a VIP member, we are committed to your absolute satisfaction. You will receive an unprecedented level of service.

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